50Kitchen: Home of Honey Fried Cornbread

Have you tried 50Kitchen’s Honey Fried Cornbread yet? As far as our side orders go, there is nothing that gets mentioned nearly as often as our cornbread in reviews, comments, and recommendations. This extremely unique side is a must-have if you are ordering from 50Kitchen for the first time. Luckily all of our sandwiches are already coming with fries and coleslaw, so you can treat yourself to three pieces of our cornbread. In the words of Phantom Gourmet; “you should honestly come to 50Kitchen, just to get a side of the honey fried cornbread”.

The History of Honey Fried Cornbread

Throughout history, a few culinary innovations have been inspired by a little bit of frustration. In New York, back in 1853, a chef was so frustrated with a customer’s request for thinner potatoes that he went out of his way to make the thinnest potatoes he could to the point that you could not use a fork. Unknowingly to chef George Crum, he was about to invent the potato chip. According to Chef Caldwell, after a hard day and getting a little ticked off he wanted to make himself some cornbread. Chef Caldwell was aware of how often restaurants put minimal effort into their cornbread. As a simple side, cornbread is usually made, sliced, and put next to the coleslaw and sent on its way to the customer. But Chef Caldwell had an idea. He decided to try and fry his cornbread and then drizzle it with honey. The results were instant, and the rest was history.

What To Order With Your Honey Fried Cornbread

As a fusion restaurant, we have a lot of options. Of course, the top two favorites from our fans are our Chicken & Waffles and our Shrimp & Grits. If you are looking for a filling dinner, you can’t go wrong with either of those options. Another great option is to get either a half slab or full slab of ribs. The best thing about our ribs is they come with two sides of your choice. That means you can get a free side of honey fried cornbread and maybe some kimchi & collard greens or our fries. Or of course, you could always just double up on honey fried cornbread.

Grab Takeout, Delivery, Or Dine-In With 50Kitchen

At 50Kitchen we want to make dining with us as convenient and fun as possible. We know a lot of people have different feelings about dining out right now, so we offer both takeout and delivery options. And for our fans who are excited about dining in-person, you can enjoy your meal inside or outside on our deck while the weather stays nice.