I was born and raised in Dorchester, while my life has been met with a lot challenges some due to my upbringing and others because of my own decisions – today I stand as a testimony of God’s grace and mercy in my life. I was given a second chance at the age of 43 and because of that I have vowed to share my gift with the world and give back to the community.

I have obtained two culinary certificates, have gone to work for various establishments like Legal Seafood, The Sheraton Hotel, MIT as a supervisor, an Executive Sous-Chef at the John Hancock in Boston and Sous-Chef at Harvard University.

Throughout my career, I have always loved the art of combining different ingredients and flavors to make a dish as well as plating food in a way that was pleasing to the eye. People are always appreciative of the food I cook and the way I present on a plate to which my response is always “beautiful food for beautiful people”.

I am excited to bring 50Kitchen to Fields Corner and give back to the community where I grew up.

50Kitchen Will Officially Be Closing on February 12th

It is with great sadness that we announce that 50Kitchen will be closing its doors this February. This was a difficult decision to make, but a necessary one. We understand that many of our fans will be sad to hear this news, but we would not like to focus on the negatives. Although we are sad that we will soon close our doors, we are grateful for what we were able to do and accomplish in just two years. We hope we can see you at our restaurant before we close, we will be open with our normal hours for the next few weeks.