50Kitchen Partners With FamilyMeal

50Kitchen Partners with FamilyMeal

50Kitchen is excited to announce that we are partnering with a new ordering service called FamilyMeal. FamilyMeal is a local ordering service that works with local restaurants to provide great value to business owners and customers. FamilyMeal lets customers buy meal packages for their whole household or family. For local restaurants, these orders help increase ticket sales (especially on slower days). And for customers, this means you can order your favorite foods and support local restaurants while getting food at a discounted rate. 

How Do I Order 50Kitchen on FamilyMeal?

Right now you can order FamilyMeal from 50Kitchen on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Meals are available for both pick up or delivery. For same-day orders, you need to place the order before 4:00 PM. Meals can be picked up or delivered to your home (assuming you are in the delivery area) between 5 and 8 pm. FamilyMeal is perfect for families that are looking for an affordable way to feed their entire family while also supporting their favorite restaurants and enjoying delicious food. Our meal kits are great for groups of 4 or more people and feature everyone’s favorite entrees and sides, including our famous Honey Fried Cornbread. Right now we are offering four meal kits through family meal highlighting the 50Kitchen Favorites: 

Order 50Kitchen Meal Packages from FamilyMeal:

Rib Meal for 4-8

Chicken & Waffles for 4

Slider Platter

Wing Trio Platter

What Is FamilyMeal?

FamilyMeal is a new ordering service that provides affordable family-style dining options. FamilyMeal was founded with the goal of helping both customers and local business owners. One of the large challenges restaurants face is generating profits during slow points in the week. With the advent of food delivery apps, more and more customers are eating at home which presents significant challenges for restaurant owners. While large regional and national chains are designed for takeout orders and delivery, the costs can be prohibitive for locally-owned restaurants.

By offering larger portions both the customer and the restaurant staff get the benefits. In almost every industry, bulk ordering is the most efficient method for ordering a product. For a restaurant, preparing 4-8 unique dishes is less economically efficient than providing one bulk order. The more a product is ordered the less is wasted in overhead costs. FamilyMeal utilizes this system to connect local restaurants with families to make it easier and more economically beneficial for both sides of the equation. Through FamilyMeal restaurant owners can count on getting more large orders which can help decrease their overhead. Meanwhile, customers can get food at a discount because the restaurant saves money on the order. 

Order Delivery with FamilyMeal

FamilyMeal works with DoorDash to keep delivery costs low. If you are within the delivery area of 50Kitchen you can have your order delivered to your home or apartment. All same-day orders still need to be placed before 4 PM for delivery between 5-8. If you are not in the current delivery area, you can still order through FamilyMeal for pick-up services.