50Kitchen Upcoming Events Spotlight

It is always an honor to see our restaurant or our Chef & Owner Anthony Caldwell at local events around Greater Boston. Just this week, 50Kitchen was featured at A Taste Of Ethnic Boston. This was the 7th annual event hosted by Get Konnected. Celebrating the rich and diverse flavors that make up our city, it was an honor to share our honey-fried cornbread, chicken satay, and kimchi & collard greens with guests. We are always humbled and excited to represent a part of Dorchester at events like this! Of course, we are equally excited to announce some upcoming events!

Dine-Out Boston: August 8th – 21st

We are excited to participate in Dine Out Boston. For so many restaurants, enduring the pandemic may have been one of the greatest challenges they have ever faced. As a restaurant that opened in 2020 right before the pandemic, this challenge was a huge obstacle for us. But thanks to the support of our community and city we have been able to endure through the last year. We see Dine-Out Boston as a celebration of all the restaurants that have endured the last year and now made it to the other side. During this event, we encourage all of our customers to try out a few restaurants. Try some places you have never heard of before, go to some of your mainstays, encourage friends to experience your favorite meals.

During the event, we will have a lunch pre-fixe and a dinner pre-fixe. For both meals, customers will choose one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert. Our appetizers include watermelon & feta salad with balsamic vinaigrette, clam chowder, and chicken satay w/ peanut sauce. Our entrees include shrimp & grits, chicken and waffles, the 50K pulled pork sandwich, and quinoa bowls. For dessert, you can try either our carrot cake or our red velvet cake. Lunches will be set at $25 and feature smaller versions of our entrees including our chicken and waffle sliders instead of our traditional chicken and waffle entree. Dinners will feature larger entrees and be priced at $33.

City Hall Restaurant Spotlight

Later this fall, 50Kitchen will be featured at City Hall in downtown Boston. The city of Boston is looking for a new permanent vendor in their 8th-floor cafe. To ensure that a local business opens in this location, they are allowing selected businesses to use the City Hall Cafe as a pop-up shop during the summer and fall. 50Kitchen will be opening in City hall from September 27th until October 8th. We are excited to meet customers new and old as we serve some of our favorites to City Hall employees and downtown Bostonians. We hope to see all of our customers swing by during the event!