Giving Back To The Dorchester Community

From the start of the 50Kitchen project, head Chef Anthony has been planning ways to give back. 50Kitchen has always been more than just beautiful food for beautiful people. And while, great food is the heart of 50Kitchen, there is still a lot of heart to go around. Chef Anthony was born and raised in Dorchester, and has dreamed of adding his own business to the Dorchester area for years. Now that it is finally becoming a reality, he was excited to share some 50Kitchen initiatives he is planning for the future.

50Kitchen Culinary Mentorship

One of the initiatives that Chef Anthony is excited to get underway is a cooking mentorship program; called “A Day In The Life”. Chef Anthony has always wanted to share his love for cooking with students. That is why he is partnering with the Davis Leadership Academy in Dorchester and other schools to start his “A Day In The Life” program. Anthony will give students both hands on cooking experience as well as business advice based on running his own restaurant. Best of all, students will get to prepare an appetizer, entree, or dessert and have it featured on the menu. Chef Anthony is also excited to provide his own testimony of overcoming hardship and personal struggle to students, as well as speak to the challenges of growing up in an urban community. 

Feeding the Hungry

Another initiative that is close to Chef Anthony’s heart is feeding the homeless population in the Dorchester area. 50Kitchen is a restaurant that started because of second chances, which is why Chef Anthony believes strongly in supporting people in need of a second chance. That is why he plans to donate food directly to those in need. Instead of wasting food at the end of the night, Chef Anthony is dedicated to bringing food directly to those who need it most. Through this initiative, he hopes he can inspire hope by providing for those in need both with food and his own personal testimony. 

50Kitchen Culinary Scholarship

One initiative that Chef Anthony is planning farther down the line, is a 50Kitchen Culinary scholarship. Because he is already dedicated to teaching students cooking basics, he hopes he can continue to pay it forward by helping culinary students pay for college essentials like books and supplies with a 50Kitchen Scholarship. 

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