How To Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants

Throughout this pandemic, there have been countless articles, news stories, and more about how restaurants and the dining industry are struggling. Whether it is local businesses or large chains, restaurants have continued to shut down for over a year due to the pandemic. Some estimates suggest that more than 100,000 restaurants permanently closed their doors in 2020 alone. And even with things improving, restaurants still aren’t out of the woods. Here are a few ways you can help your local restaurants.

Takeout Meals & Ordering Online

If you are not feeling comfortable eating in person either indoor or outdoor, you can still support your local restaurants. You can order online via apps or visit them to get a takeout meal. This is the most obvious way to support restaurants. Make sure when ordering online to check and see if the restaurant provides its own delivery service. Ordering directly from the restaurant is better than ordering through 3rd party apps. Many third-party apps take a cut of every order because they provide delivery services. If your local pizza place has a delivery driver, it is best to order directly from the restaurant so their team keeps 100% of the profit.

Purchase a gift card

Another great practice is buying gift cards. Not only can this help a restaurant in the short term but it’s a great way to introduce friends to your favorite restaurants. Restaurant owners love having their food shared with others so that they can gain new regulars and customers.

Purchase their Cookbook or Merch

Many restaurants sell more than just food. From cookbooks to merchandise, there are a lot of options. Plus if you have moved away from your favorite restaurant, you can still buy merch or a cookbook and have it shipped to your home. If you loved their food, you might even get to try your hand making some of their best recipes in your own kitchen. Cookbooks also make great gifts, and restaurant cookbooks often feature unique tastes and flavors that you wouldn’t find in a more broad cookbook.

Follow Them On Social And Give Them A Boost

If you are looking for ways to support restaurants without spending too much money, there are still many great ways you can help. On their social media, you can simply keep liking and sharing their posts. Many social media channels have complex algorithms that decrease the organic (free) reach of local business posts. This is because social platforms want business owners to pay for greater reach. But by sharing posts, leaving positive reviews, and making recommendation posts on social media, you can help boost your favorite places’ social traffic for free.

Sign-Up For Their Newsletters

By signing their newsletter you can take your support for them to another level. This can make you first to know about social events, special events, offers, discounts, and new menus. Restaurant owners rely on regulars and on people who stay connected with them over time. Signing up for newsletters shows your support and can help

Most Importantly: Be kind

This pandemic is a challenging time. Many restaurants are short-staffed, unable to get all of their ingredients due to shortages, and dealing with a million other problems. And while getting frustrated is easy, please refrain from being rude or leaving negative reviews/comments. Negative reviews can decrease business for a local business, and while some of them are justified, it is important to remember that people are human and can make mistakes. If the restaurant is closed when they said they would be open, remember that a lot of restaurants are having staffing issues. If your favorite meal is out of stock, remember that prices for ingredients have nearly doubled since last year due to supply issues. If your 3rd party app delivery driver delivers the wrong order, is late, or has another issue, remember to bring the issue up to the 3rd-party app and don’t mistreat the local business.

Order From 50Kitchen

There are several ways you can support your favorite restaurants. If you are looking to support our restaurant in Dorchester, we highly recommend reserving a table for either indoor or outdoor dining, ordering takeout/delivery, or following us on social media.