New Brunch Specials At 50Kitchen in Dorchester!

For a few weeks now 50Kitchen has been providing delicious Sunday brunches this summer. As summer comes to a close we are excited to continue serving up brunch and plan to update this menu. We have really enjoyed experimenting with our menu and getting feedback from customers on what they love and what they want on the menu. Of course, you can continue to enjoy your favorites like our crispy ribs, fried grits with bacon onion jam, shrimp & grits, and chicken & waffle sliders. But if you are the type of person who loves We have a few new items going up on the 50Kitchen Brunch menu in late August.

Nutella French Toast

We have been serving regular french toast and stuffed french toast. Both have featured a side of fruit and powdered sugar, and our customers have loved them. But we figured we could make our french toast even sweeter. Starting in late August we will be offering a new french toast item. Our Nutella French Toast blends the delicious hazelnut chocolate spread with bananas and powdered sugar. Fans of our regular french toast or our stuffed french toast with apple chutney can continue to enjoy both of these options, but we highly recommend giving our new Nutella French Toast a try! And of course, if you are a foodie, we definitely think this with a mimosa on the side would make for a great Instagram Post

Southwest Breakfast Burrito

Can a restaurant that is known for being southern American cuisine and Asian fusion do tacos? Yes. And in fact, we are. Our new Southwest Breakfast Burrito is the perfect morning brunch option. This item comes with scrambled egg, cheese, spinach, onions, grilled peppers, red peppers, and bacon. Each plate comes with two tacos and a side of delicious tater tots. 

Crispy Fried Fish Tacos

Who doesn’t love a fried fish taco. This may be one of our favorite creations we recently created. Our crispy fried fish tacos include delicious fried haddock, chiffonade lettuce, mango salsa, and it is drizzled with house made lime crema. This goes well with a cold beer, a mimosa, a Whiteclaw, or of course one of our newest beverages we have added. 

Margaritas & Other Adult Beverages @ 50Kitchen

We recently added one more adult beverage to our menu. We now are serving delicious margaritas. We love a nice iced cocktail for brunch. But you can also get this during the week as well. So whether you want a Mango, Black Cherry, or Watermelon White Claws, Margaritas, Mimosas, Sam Adams Lager, or a Corona beer, you can have it when you dine either indoor or outdoors at 50Kitchen.