New On The Menu: The 50Chicken Sandwich

At 50Kitchen we are always looking to improve our menu. A lot of our fans love our chicken sliders as well as our chicken & waffles combo, which is why our head chef starting thinking about getting a proper chicken sandwich on our sandwich menu. Starting off as a special in late January, we are excited to announce the sweet heat of our 50Chicken Sandwich. Additionally, we have a few new vegan and vegetarian specials we want our customers to try and share.

The Spicy/Sweet 50Chicken Sandwich

Lovers of fried chicken sandwiches need to try our new 50Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich combines our delicious fried chicken with a sweet honey-infused sriracha sauce. It is the perfect sandwich for customers who like a little bit of spice and a kick in their food. If you know someone who loves a good chicken sandwich, you should tell them about the 5oChicken. After a successful launch as a temporary special on our menu, we have made it a mainstay on the menu. With a side of our fries and coleslaw, we think this sandwich combo is a great call for any lunch or dinner.

Recipe & Development: Korean Brussels Sprouts

50Kitchen's brussels sprouts

We have a new vegan Asian fusion menu item: Korean Brussels Sprouts. These Brussels Sprouts are a delicious healthy vegetable side that has a kick to them. Although we won’t divulge our entire recipe, these Korean Brussels Sprouts feature a variety of traditional Asian spices to make a mouth-watering side that you and your family can enjoy with any of our entrees. As of right now, this menu item is still a featured special for the month of February, but if it does well we may consider making it an official side long-term. So if you love vegetables or you want to love vegetables, consider grabbing a side of our Korean Brussels Sprouts.

Our Black Bean Burger With Chipotle Aioli

50Kitchen's Chipotle Black Bean Burger

If you are looking for a good vegetarian lunch or dinner, we recommend a black bean burger. Every sandwich shop has them, but no one has them like 50Kitchen. This month we are adding a delicious chipotle aioli to our black bean burgers to add that extra kick and flavor to all of our sandwiches. Give it a try or share it with a friend, we would love to hear your thoughts on our newest creation. And even if you aren’t a vegetarian you may find yourself choosing this black bean burger over a traditional hamburger.

Order 50Kitchen’s New Menu Items Online

If you are interested in trying any of our new menu items, you can get them for pickup/delivery in a variety of ways. For pickup or takeout orders you can use Toast, and for delivery, you can use either UberEats or Grubhub.