Order 50Kitchen Catering in Somerville

Order 50Kitchen Catering in Somerville

Since our restaurant opened in February of 2020, 50Kitchen has transformed time and time again and become a focal point of Dorchester dining. Because we opened in early 2020 we had to quickly adapt our service with the changing climate. From creating robust online ordering systems, to adjusting to outdoor and indoor dining, our restaurant has met every challenge head on. Which is why we were so excited to add catering to our restaurant at the tail end of 2020. 

50Kitchen takeout menu

Southern Cuisine Catering in Somerville

Prior to acting as head chef and owner of 50Kitchen, Anthony Caldwell spent years honing his craft in many of Boston’s best kitchens. And before 50Kitchen was a restaurant in Dorchester, it was a catering company that specialized in beautiful & delicious food. As Chef Caldwell crafted the menu for 50Kitchen, he wanted to reflect the rich culture of Dorchester. That is why our menu features so many southern favorites as well as a few culinary experiments. From staples like shrimp & grits and gumbo to unique eats like our honey fried cornbread, if you are looking for comfort with house made ingredients you have come to the right place.

Asian Fusion Catering in Somerville

As mentioned above, our menu is designed in homage to the rich diversity of our neighborhood. Whether it is our brisket Banh Mi sandwich or our jambalaya egg rolls you will find many unique Southern/Asian fusion items on our menu. One of our most popular fusion items is our 50K sandwich. This pulled pork sandwich combines traditional Chinese 5 spice flavor with southern BBQ and comes with Asian Pear Slaw making it the perfect fusion of both flavors. 

smoked Banh Mi

Order Individual Boxed Lunches For Corporate Events in Somerville

Somerville is home to many businesses both big and small. From startups to larger corporate offices, we are happy to provide boxed-lunches for your next corporate event. Our individually packaged boxed lunches are sure to impress your staff and meet anyone’s tastes. With great vegetarian options like our chipotle aioli black bean burger, to a few catering exclusive items like our chicken & waffle sliders there is certainly something for everyone. If you have any questions please send us an email at info@50kitchen.com