Order 50Kitchen Catering in Dorchester

Order 50Kitchen Catering in Dorchester

50Kitchen is located right on Dorchester Avenue by the Fields Corner T stop. Our menu is designed to pay homage to the Dorchester community that has supported us. Whether you are looking for your favorite Chicken & Waffles in the city or interested in a plate or tray of wings, we are sure to have something for everyone. We provide catering throughout Dorchester. To order catering please click this button select our “catering menu” on Toast. If you have any questions please contact our team.

50Kitchen takeout menu

Southern Cuisine Catering in Dorchester

Our owner and head Chef Anthony Caldwell was raised in Dorchester. When opening 50Kitchen after years of working as a chef at The Sheraton Hotel, MIT, The John Hancock, and at Harvard University, he wanted to make a menu that celebrated Dorchester’s community. Starting out with southern food staples like our St. Louis Ribs, Louisiana Gumbo, and Shrimp & Grits, every menu item was designed to add unique flare and flavor to these mainstays. 

Asian Fusion Catering in Dorchester

Inspired by the diverse cultural makeup of Dorchester, and his own experiences working as a chef before opening his restaurant, the 50Kitchen menu features unique combinations of Southern and Asian cuisine. From our Southern BBQ Pork Banh Mi, to our Jambalaya egg roll starter, there are some wholly unique menu items to try when you order from 50Kitchen. There is truly something for everyone whether you want our Bang Bang Shrimp & Bok Choy or a delicious 5-Spice Pulled Pork sandwich like the 50K. All of our menu items are designed around making staples from a new perspective that combines the best of our cultural diversity in Dorchester.

Order Individual Boxed Lunches For Corporate Events in Dorchester

If you are hosting a corporate event where you would like to provide options to all of your coworkers and staff, we highly recommend checking out the individually packaged lunch section of our catering menu. Our packaged meals come with sides and are prefect for company meetings or similar events. Plus, we have catering exclusive items like our Chicken & Waffle sliders and our Po’ Boy sliders, so even 50Kitchen customers can try something unique and new when they order catering. If you have any questions about our catering menu or how to order catering please send us an email at info@50kitchen.com