Our Dedication to Fresh Ingredients At 50Kitchen

At 50Kitchen we believe that good food requires fresh ingredients. That is why we hold our menu to some very high standards. Our motto is “beautiful food for beautiful people” and beautiful food requires that all our menu items are prepared in house and not frozen. That’s why we take so much pride in using our own smoker for our delicious BBQ brisket. In fact, all of our sliders are fan favorites for lunch, brunch, or dinner. Many of our customers agree that the combination of fries, house made coleslaw, and sliders are some of their favorite menu items. Although there is some debate on which slider is the fan favorite. Whether it is our smoked brisket with pickled cabbage, handmade salmon patties, or fresh pulled chicken sliders, everyone has a favorite.

Smoked Brisket Made In-House in Dorchester


In the past, we have had some customers ask us, do we smoke our own brisket? In fact there are a few ways restaurants prepare brisket. Some restaurants grill their brisket, some braise their brisket, but at 50Kitchen we believe the most authentic way to make brisket is by smoking it at our restaurant. Smoked brisket gives the meat a unique flavor that we are not willing to sacrifice on. Our smoked brisket sliders are tossed in house-made BBQ sauce and topped with pickled cabbage, giving it a unique one-of-a-kind flavor. 

Fresh Salmon Sliders at 50Kitchen

Love seafood? Our salmon sliders are a fan favorite, especially with our pesto aioli. All of our salmon patties are made at our restaurant. And the pesto aioli that comes with the sliders is a special recipe developed by head chef Anthony Caldwell. Unfortunately, like many of our sauces, this recipe will forever be a trade secret of 50Kitchen, but the pairing of a pesto aioli with fresh salmon is a combination that any seafood lover can enjoy.

Housemade Pulled BBQ Chicken

We couldn’t have a sliders menu without pulled chicken sliders. Our chicken is seasoned and pulled in house to ensure freshness. At 50Kitchen, our chicken is dry rubbed, braised, tossed in our homemade BBQ sauce, and topped with crispy onion rings. If you love BBQ chicken you need to try the 50Kitchen chicken sliders.

​Enjoy Fresh Food at 50Kitchen in Fields Corner

​If you live in Dorchester, Fields Corner, or even in downtown Boston, and you are looking for fresh-made food, come down to 50Kitchen. Everything on our menu starts with creating delicious recipes made with the best ingredients. Follow us on social media for our hours, announcements, and more.