The Inspiration for the 50Kitchen Menu

​As we get closer to the grand opening of 50Kitchen, we wanted to go over the inspiration behind the delicious menu. When Chef Caldwell first got the opportunity to open his new restaurant in Fields Corner, he had a lot to think about. Food, of course, was one of the major priorities. Even now, the menu is still being tweaked and edited before the final version is released with the grand opening of the restaurant. Overall, 50Kitchen provides a unique blend of  Southern American and Asian cuisine for the residents of Dorchester and Boston as a whole.

​Southern Cuisine in Fields Corner

​As Chef Caldwell began working on transforming his catering company into a sit-down restaurant. He spent a lot of time considering how to create a restaurant that was offering food that no one else was, that would also fit in the Dorchester community. Originally from Dorchester, Chef Caldwell wanted to add more authentic southern cuisine options to the area. The chef was excited to create a menu that would heavily feature southern cuisine and place it in the heart of the Dorchester community. When you come to 50Kitchen you can expect some southern favorites such as ribs, wings, sliders and much more.

​Asian Cuisine Influences

Another culinary inspiration that influenced the menu decisions was to add Asian cuisine to the menu. From Chef Caldwell’s time working in many different kitchens around Boston including the Sheraton Hotel, John Hancock Building, MIT & Harvard, he has become skilled in making thousands of different dishes. That is why when working on the menu for his own private restaurant he decided to incorporate Asian influences in the menu. Looking around the Dorchester area, he saw an opportunity to cook and serve delicious Asian inspired food for the Boston community.

Weekly Culinary Events ​

​Not only does Chef Caldwell intend to amaze his guests with his standard menu, but he also wants that menu to be flexible. That’s why he plans to have events that feature more great food that he has perfected over his culinary career. These events will change time to time so you will want to make sure to stay up to date on these specials by joining following 50Kitchen on social media. We look forward to seeing you at the restaurant later.